Coo Roo Co (Cool Roofs and Coatings) is a consulting company consisting of contractors with over 20 years hands on commercial roof coating experience. We are now offering our experience to contractors, property managers, and building owners.

Contractor Services:
Hands on classroom and on-roof application training
Office and on-roof estimator training
Technical support
Product & equipment evaluation
Custom automated estimating / costing tools
Assistance with special projects

Learn from our experience and past mistakes for success from the first job!

Property manager / building owner services:
3rd party inspections / recommendations
Materials / process review
Estimate / proposal review
Assistance with contractor selection
Budget estimating
Project planning
Project oversight

And much more!

A knowledgeable approach to your roofing project can save you thousands, and prevent a lot of headaches.

Reasonable rates. Quick responses. Courteous and honest.

We are now proud to offer Castagra’s Ecodur 201M for roofing. Providing complimentary end-to-end sales, marketing, and training support for California Ecodur 201M roofing clients. 

For more Ecodur roofing information, please click here.

Thought of the Day

“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.”

John Ruskin


Coo Roo Co is comprised of current and former commercial roofing professionals dedicated to bettering our industry.

By seeking to better train contractors and educate consumers, it is our goal to elevate the overall quality of materials and craftsmanship in the trade.

We also routinely bring in professionals from throughout the roofing industry to assist in training and client education. With decades in the industry, we have great relationships with vendors, other roofers, and others who can assist in ensuring success for your project.


Jef McCurdy – Client Success Leader

Founder Jef McCurdy is a master roof coating trainer. His dedication to elevating the roof coatings industry through product development, training, and process improvement is evident in everything he does. Working with clients large and small, Jef has learned to combine the best practices from multiple trades to help roofers create the best possible results for their clients.

Working with multiple manufacturers, Jef has worked to improve roof coating products and develop better applications.

Fantastic…We All Learned A Lot!

"We're prepped for the future"

"More organized"



Scott Herrmann

Owner - Spraytech Roofing

Jef McCurdy

Scott Herrmann

Owner - Spraytech Roofing

"We're prepped for the future" "More organized" https://youtu.be/A6Gk5NPWSKo [embed]https://youtu.be/A6Gk5NPWSKo[/embed]  

Jef Immediately Made an Impression on our Entire Company

We initially hired Jef McCurdy / Coo Roo Co in 2016 to help us evaluate various coatings products and systems. At that time were very intrigued with the potential of using roof coatings as a partof our line up.
Jef immediately made an impression on our entire company. His dedication and experience were at a level that I did not expect from any one individual person. Jef helped us create a system which we market under the name Infinity Roof. With Jef’s intimate knowledge of specific products
on the market, we witnessed extremely positive results with Jef at the helm of what became our coatings division.
It is with absolute pleasure to recommend Jef McCurdy to any roofing and waterproofing professional that is in need of supreme coating technology and product knowledge. Jef has investigated and possibly experimented with just about every type of coating product on the market. Jef is not intimidated by any “new” products on the market, and his research always gave
us the best answers on the makeup and likely performance that any such product may provide.
I trust wholeheartedly trust Jef McCurdy’s expertise, experience and judgment when it comes to coating systems.

Marcelo Ruiz

Owner - San Diego Roofing, Inc

Jef McCurdy

Marcelo Ruiz

Owner - San Diego Roofing, Inc

With Jef’s intimate knowledge of specific products on the market, we witnessed extremely positive results


Drones In Commercial Coatings

By Jef McCurdy It was a great honor to get to write this article featured in CoatingsPro magazine: https://nace.mydigitalpublication.com/publication/?i=615325&ver=html5&p=28 Summary: Drone history runs deeper than you might think, dating back to the early 1900s. But, what does the future hold for drones in commercial coatings? I talk with Tom Walker, founder and CEO of DroneUP, …

Some of My Ecodur Test Videos

By Jef McCurdy Here is a playlist of some of my Ecodur test videos. I’ve always been impressed with the results. I have more in the works, but I’m always looking for more ideas. If you would like to recommend a test, please leave a comment, email, or tweet me.