Why Hire A Consultant? Property Managers / Building Owners

We have had many prospective clients ask, “Why should we hire a consultant?”. And, I totally understand the question. After all, consultants are just money suckers who have never worked in the industries the consult to, right? Not so with Coo Roo Co.

The top reasons to hire a consultant:

  1. To save money! Knowing the actual needs of your project prevents you being sold more than you need. Understanding a reasonable budget from the onset can help you eliminate outliers, and ensure you are only getting bids on products that will meet your needs. A consultant can help with realistic costing so you know what to expect before your first contractor bid. Also, having realistic expectations can help you to negotiate from a better informed position.
  2. To save time! Roofing bids can be complicated and convoluted. Did you know acrylic coatings have over a dozen different distinctions? A consultant who speaks the language can quickly help you to compare bids and organize effectively. I can’t tell you how many times a client has been a procurement agent, property manager, or IT specialist and found themselves so buried in the work of weeding through contractor bids, that their actual work has struggled. A consultant can efficiently take that burden off your plate.
  3. To prevent headaches! Chances are, you are not a project manager. Keeping your contractor on schedule and budget can seem like a full time job during your project. A consultant can help to manage the day to day, or even become the point person for your project, always ensuring your best interests.

Here, we will examine some of the services offered by Coo Roo Co and examine how we can assist on your project.

3rd party inspection / recommendations:

We are not bidding your roofing project. We have no reason to steer you toward a more expensive product than you need. Our consultants can help to identify the needs of your organization and match them with the appropriate solution. Planning to sell the building in 5 years? A 7 to 10 year product may be best, saving you money and ensuring the roof will still look great to potential buyers. However, if you plan to keep the building indefinitely, you may be throwing good money after bad going with a lesser solution. Often, higher quality products can save you a lot of money over time.

Estimate / proposal review:

Roofing estimates / proposals are full of jargon. Are you comparing apples to apples? It can be hard to tell. Even estimators in the same company will often use different verbiage. Because we understand the vernacular, we can assist in making accurate comparisons.

Assistance with contractor selection:

We are happy to meet with contractors,  walk the roof with them, and interview. Our detailed and easy to follow reports work like a digest of all we learn.

Budget estimating:

We know the costs. We can help by giving you realistic costs. Knowing what to expect is key to any negotiation, and can save you thousands. In my own career, I have had clients “negotiate” by asking for a 66% discount and telling me they “know” it is all just profit. Contractors are generally willing to budge some if your requests are realistic. Sometimes, a contractor will be happy to offer a percentage off in exchange for some flexibility in scheduling. Sometimes, you can save a lot by hiring certain subs yourself. Understanding these areas before you reach a negotiating table can save money.

Project planning:

With our combined decades of experience, we have become quite good at project management. Especially if your project requires multiple trades, a neutral point person can be a great assistance. Even smaller projects can spin out of control if not planned correctly.

Project oversight:

As with project planning, overseeing a project can be a lot of work. We are happy to assist remotely, or go “hands on” with your project.

Overall, we are here to help you gain control over your project.

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