Anatomy of A Sample Board

By Jef McCurdy

A 4 X 8 sheet of plywood will yield 48 6 X 12 boards and 32 6 x 6’s

I’m a big believer in using physical representations to showcase your products. I’ve always found it easier to explain the benefits of a roof coating system using sample boards. With Ecodur, I like to have clients beat, hammer, scratch, and generally abuse my samples to help them see how strong the product really is. Now that I am working with other contractors and helping them get started with the Ecodur roofing system, I needed a bunch of sample boards. So, I set out to make more boards than I have before. Making them is time consuming and there are costs involved, but I definitely believe they are worth it.

For these samples, I wanted to demonstrate how well both acrylic and silicone adhere to Ecodur as well as having some with pull tape embedded and some of the product alone. I always start my sample boards with SBS self adhered cap sheet on plywood. The peel and stick is a lot easier than torching and represents the most common substrate in my area.

The Ford Ranger is not a commonly used adhesion tool, but is effective when available.
My assistant lines up our boards and makes sure every inch is pressed.
The boards are pressed and ready to go
Once fully adhered, we start planning and taping off our work area.
For these boards, the base layer is Ecodur 201M colored light gray just for contrast.
With the base coating cured, we tape off and mark which areas will be coated in silicone or acrylic.
First we applied the acrylic.
While the acrylic cures, my assistant is carefully applying the silicone.
Once the products start to set up, we remove the tape.
After the products cure, we make the long cuts
Then the short cuts.
Having a few extra blades is a great idea. The asphalt / rubber / glue really gums them up. I like the Diablo Demo Demon blades.
The combo board features both silicone and acrylic.
The embedded tape allows clients to feel how strongly the Ecodur bonds.
The basic board represents the product with no top coating, which is also an option.

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